Replace a whole line where a particular word is found in a text file

One approach that you can use on smaller files that can fit into your memory twice:

$data = file('myfile'); // reads an array of lines
function replace_a_line($data) {
   if (stristr($data, 'certain word')) {
     return "replacement line!\n";
   return $data;
$data = array_map('replace_a_line', $data);
file_put_contents('myfile', $data);

A quick note, PHP > 5.3.0 supports lambda functions so you can remove the named function declaration and shorten the map to:

$data = array_map(function($data) {
  return stristr($data,'certain word') ? "replacement line\n" : $data;
}, $data);

You could theoretically make this a single (harder to follow) php statement:

file_put_contents('myfile', implode('', 
  array_map(function($data) {
    return stristr($data,'certain word') ? "replacement line\n" : $data;
  }, file('myfile'))

Another (less memory intensive) approach that you should use for larger files:

$reading = fopen('myfile', 'r');
$writing = fopen('myfile.tmp', 'w');

$replaced = false;

while (!feof($reading)) {
  $line = fgets($reading);
  if (stristr($line,'certain word')) {
    $line = "replacement line!\n";
    $replaced = true;
  fputs($writing, $line);
fclose($reading); fclose($writing);
// might as well not overwrite the file if we didn't replace anything
if ($replaced) 
  rename('myfile.tmp', 'myfile');
} else {

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