Reading file opened with Python Paramiko method is slow

Calling SFTPFile.prefetch should increase the read speed:

ncfile ='mynetCDFfile')
b_ncfile =

Another option is enabling read buffering, using bufsize parameter of

ncfile ='mynetCDFfile', bufsize=32768)
b_ncfile =

(32768 is a value of SFTPFile.MAX_REQUEST_SIZE)

Similarly for writes/uploads:
Writing to a file on SFTP server opened using pysftp “open” method is slow.

Yet another option is to explicitly specify the amount of data to read (it makes take a more efficient code path):

ncfile ='mynetCDFfile')
b_ncfile =

If none of that works, you can download the whole file to memory instead:
Use pdfplumber and Paramiko to read a PDF file from an SFTP server

Obligatory warning: Do not use AutoAddPolicy this way – You are losing a protection against MITM attacks by doing so. For a correct solution, see Paramiko “Unknown Server”.

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