PHPStorm + XDebug Setup Walkthrough

I’ve found a more modern and easier solution partially based on CrasyCoder’s post.
The steps you need to do are the following:

  1. If your brand new php installation doesn’t contain php.ini, rename the php.ini-development to php.ini
  2. Install xdebug with help of the wizard: Follow its recommendations literally.
  3. Put in your php.ini the string: xdebug.remote_enable=1
  4. Go to PhpStorm’s settings: settings->php. Select or reselect directory containing php. Make sure you see ‘Debugger: Xdebug x.x.x’ string (where x.x.x stands for installed version)
  5. Install an extension for your favorite browser from here:
  6. From the main menu (not the settings window) go to ‘Run->Edit configurations’ and add new ‘PHP Built-in Web Server’ configuration. Point the ‘Document root’ to your project’s directory. Note the port number.
  7. Chrome browser: enable the extension pressing on the little bug in the rightmost side of the omnibox and selecting the Debug option. Other browsers’ extensions should work similarly.
  8. In PhpStorm’s menu enable the ‘Run -> Start Listen for PHP Debug connections’ option.
  9. Set a breakpoint in your code in PhpStorm.
  10. Run (not debug) the configuration you created in step 6.
  11. In your browser go to localhost:port where ‘port’ is the port from step 6. Your PhpStorm should stop on the breakpoint and you can start squashing bugs in your code.

Considering that:

Steps 1-5 are made once per php installation.
Step 6 is made once per PhpStorm project.
Steps 7-8 are made once per debuggin session.
Steps 9-11 are made each program run.

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