Pandas read_sql with parameters

The read_sql docs say this params argument can be a list, tuple or dict (see docs).

To pass the values in the sql query, there are different syntaxes possible: ?, :1, :name, %s, %(name)s (see PEP249).
But not all of these possibilities are supported by all database drivers, which syntax is supported depends on the driver you are using (psycopg2 in your case I suppose).

In your second case, when using a dict, you are using ‘named arguments’, and according to the psycopg2 documentation, they support the %(name)s style (and so not the :name I suppose), see
So using that style should work:

df = psql.read_sql(('select "Timestamp","Value" from "MyTable" '
                     'where "Timestamp" BETWEEN %(dstart)s AND %(dfinish)s'),

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