Why is my asynchronous function returning Promise { } instead of a value?

The promise will always log pending as long as its results are not resolved yet. You must call .then on the promise to capture the results regardless of the promise state (resolved or still pending): let AuthUser = function(data) { return google.login(data.username, data.password).then(token => { return token } ) } let userToken = AuthUser(data) console.log(userToken) … Read more

How do you update objects in a document’s array (nested updating)

For question #1, let’s break it into two parts. First, increment any document that has “items.item_name” equal to “my_item_two”. For this you’ll have to use the positional “$” operator. Something like: db.bar.update( {user_id : 123456 , “items.item_name” : “my_item_two” } , {$inc : {“items.$.price” : 1} } , false , true); Note that this will … Read more

How to set the part of the text view is clickable

My function for make multiple links inside TextView Update 2020: Now this function able to support multiple same texts link inside 1 TextView, but remember to put the link in the correct order fun TextView.makeLinks(vararg links: Pair<String, View.OnClickListener>) { val spannableString = SpannableString(this.text) var startIndexOfLink = -1 for (link in links) { val clickableSpan = … Read more

Resetting a multi-stage form with jQuery

Simply do this $(‘#myform’)[0].reset(); More information Setting myinput.val(”) might not emulate “reset” 100% if you have an input like this: <input name=”percent” value=”50″/> Eg calling myinput.val(”) on an input with a default value of 50 would set it to an empty string, whereas calling myform.reset() would reset it to its initial value of 50.

How to filter specific apps for ACTION_SEND intent (and set a different text for each app)

To my knowledge, StackOverflow has lots of people asking this question in various ways, but nobody has answered it completely yet. My spec called for the user to be able to choose email, twitter, facebook, or SMS, with custom text for each one. Here is how I accomplished that: public void onShareClick(View v) { Resources … Read more