nth-child doesn’t respond to class selector [duplicate]

Try the :nth-of-type() pseudo-selector instead:

#content .foo:nth-of-type(1) { margin-top: 0; }

Note that :nth-of-type() counts the elements with the same name. So .foo:nth-of-type(1) will not select the first element with the class foo but any first element that is the first in the list of elements grouped by the same name. If you have some document like this:

    <i class="foo">1</i><i>x</i><i class="foo">2</i>
    <b class="foo">3</b><b>x</b><b class="foo">4</b>

.foo:nth-of-type(1) will select the elements <i class="foo">1</i> and <b class="foo">3</b> as both are the first of its own type.

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