MVVM: Tutorial from start to finish?

Your question really seems to be asking 2 questions:

  1. Where are some good tutorials on WPF, assuming I have no previous WPF experience?
  2. Where are some good tutorials on learning MVVM?

Some of these resources may be duplicated in previous answers…

Tutorials on WPF

  • A Guided Tour of WPF by Josh Smith

    I wrote a series of introductory WPF articles on The Code Project. The goal of those articles is to bring someone with no WPF experience up-to-speed enough so that (s)he can fully understand how the series’ demo application works.

  • Bea Stollnitz (link is to her archives) has a number of great articles on WPF.

  • WPF: A Beginner’s Guide – Part 1 of n by Sacha Barber

  • WPF Training Videos

MVVM Tutorials

  • WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern by Josh Smith (duplicate link already provided by Yacoder)

  • Jason Dolinger’s presentation on the Model-View-ViewModel (link to video embedded in article)

  • Dan Crevier’s DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern series (similar to MVVM)

Composite WPF (Prism) Resources
Though not exactly what you asked, it is the natural progression with WPF and MVVM.

  • Codeplex: Composite WPF (Prism)

  • Silver Bay Labs has a number of great videos on learning Prism

  • Channel 9: 10 step-by-step videos on using Silverlight and Prism

  • Codeplex: Introduction to Composite WPF (CAL, Prism): Part 1 (of n)

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