Is there a way to get references for all currently active fragments in an Activity?

Looks like the API currently misses a method like “getFragments”.
However using the event “onAttachFragment” of class Activity it should be quite easy to do what you want. I would do something like:

List<WeakReference<Fragment>> fragList = new ArrayList<WeakReference<Fragment>>();
public void onAttachFragment (Fragment fragment) {
    fragList.add(new WeakReference(fragment));

public List<Fragment> getActiveFragments() {
    ArrayList<Fragment> ret = new ArrayList<Fragment>();
    for(WeakReference<Fragment> ref : fragList) {
        Fragment f = ref.get();
        if(f != null) {
            if(f.isVisible()) {
    return ret;

In case there’s no ready method to read the state from the object (isActive() in the example), I would override onResume and onPause to set a flag (could be just a bool field).
That’s already some own bookkeeping, but still very limited in my opinion considering the quite specific goal you want to achieve (status dependent list).

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