Intellij IDEA Maven Import problems

Check idea.log for errors. It may fail with OutOfMemory error in which case you can try increasing the heap size for Maven Importer (VM options for importer) and IDE heap size.

Try not to exceed 750-1024m for -Xmx value if you are running on a 32-bit JVM (default), otherwise it may crash or fail to start.

If you need to use more heap, switch to 64-bit Java and specify the same 64-bit JVM for Maven (JDK for importer) in IntelliJ IDEA settings.

Another possible case is if IDE cannot connect to the Maven process. On some systems it’s needed to edit the hosts file so that localhost resolves correctly.

There was also a bug caused by Nvidia driver (java process was crashing). Make sure you have the latest driver if this applies to your hardware.

If all the above doesn’t help, share your idea.log file.

Note that indexing repositories is not required for working with a project, but it may indicate that Maven fails to work for one of the reasons above (or some other). See if the dependencies for the project were imported and if you can build the imported project in IDEA.

Some repositories cannot be indexed at all, in this case just ignore the error.

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