Importing lodash into angular2 + typescript application

Here is how to do this as of Typescript 2.0:
(tsd and typings are being deprecated in favor of the following):

$ npm install --save lodash

# This is the new bit here: 
$ npm install --save-dev @types/lodash

Then, in your .ts file:


import * as _ from "lodash";

Or (as suggested by @Naitik):

import _ from "lodash";

I’m not positive what the difference is. We use and prefer the first syntax. However, some report that the first syntax doesn’t work for them, and someone else has commented that the latter syntax is incompatible with lazy loaded webpack modules. YMMV.

Edit on Feb 27th, 2017:

According to @Koert below, import * as _ from "lodash"; is the only working syntax as of Typescript 2.2.1, lodash 4.17.4, and @types/lodash 4.14.53. He says that the other suggested import syntax gives the error “has no default export”.

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