How to share sessions between PHP and application?

I want to tell you, how I ended up doing it.

Both applications access a MySQL database and access a “session” table, which consists of a Guid, the ID of the user, and a confirmationString (I guess I encoded the IDUser in it, somehow) and a date.

Sessions are only started by the PHP application (due to the fact, that the PHP application is still the main application). A new session will result in a new entry in the log table. Every link in the PHP application, that links to the ASP.Net application contains GET-Parameters, containing the Guid etc.

The application checks for the GET-Parameters and sets the IDUser in the ASP.Net Session, if the GET-Parameters point to an existing session.

The links pointing back to the PHP application use the same technique.

(There are also other things to consider, like timeouts or logouts, but that can be handled as well)

All in all, I’d say that my approach is useful and none of the customers complained since the deployment (over 1 year ago)

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