How to reverse MD5 to get the original string? [duplicate]

No, that’s not really possible, as

  • there can be more than one string giving the same MD5
  • it was designed to be hard to “reverse”

The goal of the MD5 and its family of hashing functions is

  • to get short “extracts” from long string
  • to make it hard to guess where they come from
  • to make it hard to find collisions, that is other words having the same hash (which is a very similar exigence as the second one)

Think that you can get the MD5 of any string, even very long. And the MD5 is only 16 bytes long (32 if you write it in hexa to store or distribute it more easily). If you could reverse them, you’d have a magical compacting scheme.

This being said, as there aren’t so many short strings (passwords…) used in the world, you can test them from a dictionary (that’s called “brute force attack”) or even google for your MD5. If the word is common and wasn’t salted, you have a reasonable chance to succeed…

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