How to replicate Excel’s TEXTJOIN function in VBA UDF that allows array inputs [duplicate]

Try this user defined function. It is quite versatile. It will take for input hard-coded strings, single cell, cell ranges, arrays, or any mixture of them. Blanks will be ignored. See the photo for outputs.

Public Function TJoin(Sep As String, ParamArray TxtRng() As Variant) As String
On Error Resume Next
'Sep is the separator, set to "" if you don't want any separator. Separator must be string or single cell, not cell range
'TxtRng is the content you want to join. TxtRng can be string, single cell, cell range or array returned from an array function. Empty content will be ignored
Dim OutStr As String 'the output string
Dim i, j, k, l As Integer 'counters
Dim FinArr(), element As Variant 'the final array and a temporary element when transfering between the two arrays

'Go through each item of TxtRng(),  depending on the item type, transform and put it into FinArray()
i = 0 'the counter for TxtRng
j = 0 'the counter for FinArr
k = 0: l = 0 'the counters for the case of array from Excel array formula
Do While i < UBound(TxtRng) + 1
    If TypeName(TxtRng(i)) = "String" Then 'specified string like "t"
        ReDim Preserve FinArr(0 To j)
        FinArr(j) = "blah"
        FinArr(j) = TxtRng(i)
        j = j + 1
    ElseIf TypeName(TxtRng(i)) = "Range" Then 'single cell or range of cell like A1, A1:A2
        For Each element In TxtRng(i)
            ReDim Preserve FinArr(0 To j)
            FinArr(j) = element
            j = j + 1
    ElseIf TypeName(TxtRng(i)) = "Variant()" Then 'array returned from an Excel array formula
         For k = LBound(TxtRng(0), 1) To UBound(TxtRng(0), 1)
            For l = LBound(TxtRng(0), 2) To UBound(TxtRng(0), 2)
                ReDim Preserve FinArr(0 To j)
                FinArr(j) = TxtRng(0)(k, l)
                j = j + 1
        TJoin = CVErr(xlErrValue)
        Exit Function
    End If
i = i + 1

'Put each element of the new array into the join string
For i = LBound(FinArr) To UBound(FinArr)
    If FinArr(i) <> "" Then 'Remove this line if you want to include empty strings
    OutStr = OutStr & FinArr(i) & Sep
    End If
 TJoin = Left(OutStr, Len(OutStr) - Len(Sep)) 'remove the ending separator

End Function


Let’s say your cells look like this:

  A                          B
1 find                       good
2 apples                     for free
3 online                     now
4 at                         from this site:

You can put in some formulas like:

=tjoin(" ","please",$A$1,$A$3:$A$5)
=tjoin(" ",IF(LEN($A$1:$A$5)>3,$A$1:$A$5,""))
=tjoin(" ",IF(LEN($A$1:$B$5)>3,$A$1:$B$5,""))

Your results will be:

please find online at
find -- apples -- online -- at -- -- C1
find apples online at
find good apples for free online from this site:

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