How to provide a reproducible copy of your DataFrame with to_clipboard()

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How to quickly provide sample data from a pandas DataFrame

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  • For the curious, there are other more verbose solutions provided on Stack Overflow.
  1. Provide a link to a shareable dataset (maybe on GitHub or a shared file on Google). This is particularly useful if it’s a large dataset and the objective is to optimize some method. The drawback is that the data may no longer be available in the future, which reduces the benefit of the post.
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  2. Provide the output of df.head(10).to_clipboard(sep=',', index=True)


Provide the output of pandas.DataFrame.to_clipboard

df.head(10).to_clipboard(sep=',', index=True)
  • If you have a multi-index DataFrame add a note, telling which columns are the indices.
  • Note: when the previous line of code is executed, no output will appear.
    • The result of the code is now on the clipboard.
  • Paste the clipboard into a code block in your Stack Overflow question
  • This can be copied to the clipboard by someone trying to answer your question, and followed by:
df = pd.read_clipboard(sep=',')

Locations of the dataframe other the .head(10)

  • Specify a section of the dataframe with the .iloc property
  • The following example selects rows 3 – 11 and all the columns
df.iloc[3:12, :].to_clipboard(sep=',')

Additional References for pd.read_clipboard

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Google Colab Users

  • .to_clipboard() won’t work
  • Use .to_dict() to copy your dataframe
# if you have a datetime column, convert it to a str
df['date'] = df['date'].astype('str')

# if you have a datetime index, convert it to a str
df.index = df.index.astype('str')

# output to a dict

# which will look like
{'2020-07-30': {'a': 2, 'b': 4},
 '2020-07-31': {'a': 1, 'b': 5},
 '2020-08-01': {'a': 2, 'b': 2},
 '2020-08-02': {'a': 9, 'b': 8},
 '2020-08-03': {'a': 4, 'b': 0},
 '2020-08-04': {'a': 3, 'b': 3},
 '2020-08-05': {'a': 7, 'b': 7},
 '2020-08-06': {'a': 7, 'b': 0},
 '2020-08-07': {'a': 8, 'b': 4},
 '2020-08-08': {'a': 3, 'b': 2}}

# copy the previous dict and paste into a code block on SO
# the dict can be converted to a dataframe with 
# df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(d, orient="index")  # d is the name of the dict
# convert datatime column or index back to datetime
  • For a more thorough answer using .to_dict()
    • How to efficiently build and share a sample dataframe?
    • How to make good reproducible pandas examples

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