How to parse JSON in Java

The org.json library is easy to use.

Just remember (while casting or using methods like getJSONObject and getJSONArray) that in JSON notation

  • [ … ] represents an array, so library will parse it to JSONArray
  • { … } represents an object, so library will parse it to JSONObject

Example code below:

import org.json.*;

String jsonString = ... ; //assign your JSON String here
JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(jsonString);
String pageName = obj.getJSONObject("pageInfo").getString("pageName");

JSONArray arr = obj.getJSONArray("posts"); // notice that `"posts": [...]`
for (int i = 0; i < arr.length(); i++)
    String post_id = arr.getJSONObject(i).getString("post_id");

You may find more examples from: Parse JSON in Java

Downloadable jar:

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