How to make a circular UIView

I can at least show you a shortcut for drawing circles of arbitrary size. No OpenGL, no Core Graphics drawing needed.

Import the QuartzCore framework to get access to the .cornerRadius property of your UIView or UIImageView.

#import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>

Also manually add it to your project’s Frameworks folder.

Add this method to your view controller or wherever you need it:

-(void)setRoundedView:(UIImageView *)roundedView toDiameter:(float)newSize;
    CGPoint saveCenter =;
    CGRect newFrame = CGRectMake(roundedView.frame.origin.x, roundedView.frame.origin.y, newSize, newSize);
    roundedView.frame = newFrame;
    roundedView.layer.cornerRadius = newSize / 2.0; = saveCenter;

To use it, just pass it a UIImageView and a diameter. This example assumes you have a UIImageView named “circ” added as a subview to your view. It should have a backgroundColor set so you can see it.

circ.clipsToBounds = YES;
[self setRoundedView:circ toDiameter:100.0];

This just handles UIImageViews but you can generalize it to any UIView.

NOTE: Since iOS 7, clipToBounds need to YES.

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