How to include local jar files in Maven project [duplicate]

Although it works to use the systemPath reference, it is better to create a local repository. And fortunately, it is easy to do.

Creating a local repository holding jars not available in a public repository

NOTE: I use Eclipse, so some of the instructions are specific to Eclipse. Most are easily generalizable.


  • The jar was created by Maven in another project with the following…


In Project (that wants to access the jars)

  • Create repo directory just off the project base directory
  • For each jar to be accessed locally…
    • add directories for each level of the groupID (ex. /repo/com/foo)
    • add jar name (aka artifactId) without the version (ex. /repo/com/foo/test)
    • add directory for the version of the jar (ex. /repo/com/foo/test/0.1.1)
    • put the jar in that directory (ex. /repo/com/foo/test/0.1.1/test-0.1.1.jar)

In pom.xml (for the project that wants to access the jars)

  • Define the local repository

  • Add the dependency on the local jar. From our example above, this would be…



  • Rt click pom.xml -> Run as -> Maven build

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