How to create recursive hash of hash ? (With unlimited deep)

I strongly recommend using an existing solution such as Data::Diver.

use Data::Diver qw( DiveVal );

my @keys = map "level$_", 1 .. 3;

my $branch = {};
DiveVal($branch, map \$_, @keys) = 'leaf';
my %branch;
DiveVal(\%branch, map \$_, @keys) = 'leaf';

Obviously, it can be done without module too.

sub DiveVal :lvalue {
   my $p = \shift;
   $p = \( $$p->{$_} ) for @_;

my @keys = map "level$_", 1 .. 3;

my $branch;
DiveVal($branch, @keys) = 'leaf';
my %branch;
DiveVal(\%branch, @keys) = 'leaf';

How my DiveVal works:

Pre-loop:          $p references $branch
After loop pass 0: $p references $branch->{level1}
After loop pass 1: $p references $branch->{level1}{level2}
After loop pass 2: $p references $branch->{level1}{level2}{level3}
Returned:          $branch->{level1}{level2}{level3}

The extra level of indirection has many benefits.

  • It removes the need to treat the last key specially.
  • It removes the need to create the hash before it’s dereferenced.
  • It removes the need for the root to be a reference to a hash. Instead, any scalar can be the root, even an undefined one.
  • It makes it easy to extend DiveVal to support mixed array/hash structures.

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