How to convert a CVImageBufferRef to UIImage

The way that you are passing on the baseAddress presumes that the image data is in the form


( where C is some color component, R || G || B ).

If you’ve set up your AVCaptureSession to capture the video frames in native format, more than likely you’re getting the video data back in planar YUV420 format. (see: link text ) In order to do what you’re attempting to do here, probably the easiest thing to do would be specify that you want the video frames captured in kCVPixelFormatType_32RGBA . Apple recommends that you capture the video frames in kCVPixelFormatType_32BGRA if you capture it in non-planar format at all, the reasoning for which is not stated, but I can reasonably assume is due to performance considerations.

Caveat: I’ve not done this, and am assuming that accessing the CVPixelBufferRef contents like this is a reasonable way to build the image. I can’t vouch for this actually working, but I /can/ tell you that the way you are doing things right now reliably will not work due to the pixel format that you are (probably) capturing the video frames as.

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