How to control VM arguments for maven-jetty-plugin?

The enviroment variable MAVEN_OPTS is the answer. The string content of MAVEN_OPTS is passed to JVM (java.exe).

  • Linux: in shell type export MAVEN_OPTS=....
  • Windows: in shell (cmd.exe) type set MAVEN_OPTS=...

For example: on Windows set MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m" sets the heap size of the Maven process to 1024mb.

Update (01.04.2013): Pass it directly to Jetty.

Matthew Farwell (please upvote his answer to give him credit) comes with the solution of using a forked JVM process to run Jetty which is a new feature of the Jetty plugin. This is a better solution as the former runs inside same JVM process as Maven (thus shares memory).

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