how to compile spatialite for iOS

I’m the guy who shared the libs on http:// 😉
I did some good progress on easing the integration of spatialite for iOS.
Now I’m able to build a fully standalone static library of spatialite (2.3.1 that embeds the required GEOS and PROJ so that don’t have to take car of them).

Just download the zip and you’ll get the .a for x86 and arm + headers so that you can use directly the spatialite interface from those headers.

Once you’ve drag n drop the .a (both are required to work in the simulator AND on the real hardware), you can initialize spatialite by just invoking spatialite_init(1).

The following should be displayed on your console log:

SpatiaLite version ..: 2.3.1    Supported Extensions:
    - 'VirtualShape'    [direct Shapefile access]
    - 'VirtualText      [direct CSV/TXT access]
    - 'VirtualNetwork   [Dijkstra shortest path]
    - 'RTree'       [Spatial Index - R*Tree]
    - 'MbrCache'        [Spatial Index - MBR cache]
    - 'VirtualFDO'      [FDO-OGR interoperability]
    - 'SpatiaLite'      [Spatial SQL - OGC]
PROJ.4 version ......: Rel. 4.6.1, 21 August 2008
GEOS version ........: 3.1.1-CAPI-1.6.0

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