How to compare string and integer in python?

Convert the string to an integer with int:

hours = int("14")

if (hours > 14):
        print "yes"

In CPython2, when comparing two non-numerical objects of different types, the comparison is performed by comparing the names of the types. Since 'int' < 'string', any int is less than any string.

In [79]: "14" > 14
Out[79]: True

In [80]: 14 > 14
Out[80]: False

This is a classic Python pitfall. In Python3 this wart has been corrected — comparing non-numerical objects of different type raises a TypeError by default.

As explained in the docs:

CPython implementation detail: Objects of different types except
numbers are ordered by their type names; objects of the same types
that don’t support proper comparison are ordered by their address.

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