How to bind an unbound method without calling it?

All functions are also descriptors, so you can bind them by calling their __get__ method:

bound_handler = handler.__get__(self, MyWidget)

Here’s R. Hettinger’s excellent guide to descriptors.

As a self-contained example pulled from Keith’s comment:

def bind(instance, func, as_name=None):
    Bind the function *func* to *instance*, with either provided name *as_name*
    or the existing name of *func*. The provided *func* should accept the 
    instance as the first argument, i.e. "self".
    if as_name is None:
        as_name = func.__name__
    bound_method = func.__get__(instance, instance.__class__)
    setattr(instance, as_name, bound_method)
    return bound_method

class Thing:
    def __init__(self, val):
        self.val = val

something = Thing(21)

def double(self):
    return 2 * self.val

bind(something, double)
something.double()  # returns 42

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