How do you search an array for a substring match?

If you’re able to use Underscore.js in your project, the _.filter() array function makes this a snap:

// find all strings in array containing 'thi'
var matches = _.filter(
    [ 'item 1', 'thing', 'id-3-text', 'class' ],
    function( s ) { return s.indexOf( 'thi' ) !== -1; }

The iterator function can do whatever you want as long as it returns true for matches. Works great.

Update 2017-12-03:
This is a pretty outdated answer now. Maybe not the most performant option in a large batch, but it can be written a lot more tersely and use native ES6 Array/String methods like .filter() and .includes() now:

// find all strings in array containing 'thi'
const items = ['item 1', 'thing', 'id-3-text', 'class'];
const matches = items.filter(s => s.includes('thi'));

Note: There’s no <= IE11 support for String.prototype.includes() (Edge works, mind you), but you’re fine with a polyfill, or just fall back to indexOf().

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