How do I enable upload of large files in classic ASP on IIS 7?

The maxAllowedContentLength controls how much data is allowed to be sent in a response. However you want to control how much can be accepted in a request. This is handled by the maxRequestEntityAllowed attribute of the limits element in the asp section of the config file. An example might look like:-

     <cache diskTemplateCacheDirectory="%SystemDrive%\inetpub\temp\ASP Compiled Templates" />
     <limits scriptTimeout="00:02:00"

You can configure this in the IIS7 manager under the “Limit Properties” category in the property grid for the ASP feature. Alternatively you can use a command line:-

appcmd set config /section:asp /limits.maxRequestEntityAllowed:104857600

Note that extending this value increase the window for DOS attack where the attacker sends large content to the server so don’t be tempted to extend this beyond what you really need.

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