How do I delete multiple rows in Entity Framework Core? [duplicate]

because I get an error “InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute” after the first object. In other words, .Remove removes only one object.

This has nothing to do with EF Core, and, yes, .Remove() only removes one object. However, you are attempting to modify a collection that you are iterating through. There are ways to do this, but this isn’t a good route to go.

Entity Framework Core does NOT have .RemoveRange, so I have no idea how to perform this operation.

There are definitely at least a couple simple ways to delete multiple records in EF Core. And, EF Core does have a RemoveRange() method – it’s a method on DbSet<TEntity>, see here in the API docs (as stated in the comment above).

A couple options:

  1. If myCollection is of a type that belongs to a DbSet<TEntity>, a simple call such as this will do the trick:

  2. If myCollection is actually a navigation property off of an entity that you queried, you can call .Clear() on the collection instead of iterating and calling .Remove().

    var myParentEntity = _dbContext.MyParentEntities
                             .Include(x => x.MyChildrenEntities)
                             .Single(x => x.Id == id);

As also commented above, there’s a lot of context missing on your question – more complete code should be posted. I’m just taking a couple stabs in the dark to get you up and running with EF Core!

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