How can repetitive rows of data be collected in a single row in pandas?

You can groupby and use agg to get the mean. For the non numeric columns, let’s take the first value:

df.groupby('Player').agg({k: 'mean' if v in ('int64', 'float64') else 'first'
                          for k,v in df.dtypes[1:].items()})


              Pos  Age   Tm          G        GS         MP        FG
Jarrett Allen   C   22  TOT  18.666667  6.666667  26.266667  4.333333

NB. content of the dictionary comprehension:

{'Pos': 'first',
 'Age': 'mean',
 'Tm': 'first',
 'G': 'mean',
 'GS': 'mean',
 'MP': 'mean',
 'FG': 'mean'}

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