How can I test events in angular?

If you’re just needing some testing on event firing and catching, this is how I do it. For ensuring that a certain event gets fired ($emit-ed or $broadcast-ed), a spy is the way to go. You need a reference to the scope that will be calling the $emit or $broadcast, and then just to do something like this:

spyOn(scope, "$emit")
//run code to test
expect(scope.$emit).toHaveBeenCalledWith("MY_EVENT_ID", other, possible, args);

If you don’t need or don’t want to worry about the arguments that are passed with the $emit, you can put an $on on the $rootScope and set a flag to know the event was emitted. Something like this:

var eventEmitted = false;
$rootScope.$on("MY_EVENT_ID", function() {
   eventEmitted = true;
//run code to test

For testing functionality that runs when an event is caught ($on), it’s a little easier. Just get a $rootScope from the inject function and then send the desired event.

$rootScope.$broadcast("EVENT_TO_TEST", other, possible, args);
//expects for event here

Now, I imagine this event handling would be happening in a directive or a controller (or both) For setting up directive tests, see For setting up controller tests, see

Hope this helps.

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