Hive – Unpivot functionality in hive

Whenever I want to pivot a table in Hive, I collect key:value pairs to a map and then reference each key in the next level, creating new columns. This is the opposite of that.


select a.userid, y.new_id
from (
  select new_id, fruit_name, fruit_code
  from (
    select new_id, map("apple_id", apple_id
                     , "mango_id", mango_id
                     , "grape_id", grape_id
                     , "peach_id", peach_id) as fruit_map
    from table_2 ) x
  lateral view explode(fruit_map) exptbl1 as fruit_name, fruit_code ) y
join table_A a
on (y.fruit_code=a.property_id)


0001    N456098
0031    N002345
0008    N129087
00013   N109876

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