Google Maps v2 – set both my location and zoom in

You cannot animate two things (like zoom in and go to my location) in one google map?

From a coding standpoint, you would do them sequentially:

    CameraUpdate center=
        CameraUpdateFactory.newLatLng(new LatLng(40.76793169992044,
    CameraUpdate zoom=CameraUpdateFactory.zoomTo(15);


Here, I move the camera first, then animate the camera, though both could be animateCamera() calls. Whether GoogleMap consolidates these into a single event, I can’t say, as it goes by too fast. 🙂

Here is the sample project from which I pulled the above code.

Sorry, this answer is flawed. See Rob’s answer for a way to truly do this in one shot, by creating a CameraPosition and then creating a CameraUpdate from that CameraPosition.

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