Get attribute by name

C++ lacks built-in reflection capabilities of more dynamic languages, so you cannot do what you would like using he out of the box capabilities of the language.

However, if all members are of the same type, you can do it with a map of pointers to members and a little preparation:

 // typedef for the pointer-to-member
 typedef int X::*ptr_attr;

 // Declare the map of pointers to members
 map<string,ptr_attr> mattr;
 // Add pointers to individual members one by one:
 mattr["xx"] = &X::xx;
 mattr["yy"] = &X::yy;

// Now that you have an instance of x...
 X x;
// you can access its members by pointers using the syntax below:
 x.*mattr["xx"] = A["aa"];

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