EF Core 2: How to apply HasQueryFilter for all entities

In case you have base class or interface defining the IsActive property, you could use the approach from Filter all queries (trying to achieve soft delete).

Otherwise you could iterate entity types, and for each type having bool IsActive property build dynamically filter expression using Expression class methods:

foreach (var entityType in modelBuilder.Model.GetEntityTypes())
    var isActiveProperty = entityType.FindProperty("IsActive");
    if (isActiveProperty != null && isActiveProperty.ClrType == typeof(bool))
        var parameter = Expression.Parameter(entityType.ClrType, "p");
        var filter = Expression.Lambda(Expression.Property(parameter, isActiveProperty.PropertyInfo), parameter);
        entityType.QueryFilter = filter;

Update (EF Core 3.0): Due to public metadata API breaking change (replacing many properties with Get / Set extension methods), the last line becomes


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