Distinguish between single and double click events in Qt

It’s a good UI design to make sure your single-clicks and double-clicks are conceptually related:

Single-Click: select icon
Double-Click: select icon and open it

Single-Click: select color
Double-Click: select color and open palette editor

Notice how in these examples the single-click action is actually a subset of the double-click. This means you can go ahead and do your single-click action normally and just do the additional action if the double-click comes in.

If your user interface does something like:

Single-Click: select icon
Double-Click: close window

Then you are setting your users up to fail. Even if they remember what single-clicking does versus double-clicking all the time, it’s very easy to accidentally move your mouse too far while double-clicking or wait too long.


I’m sorry to hear that.

In that case, I found these two articles useful:

  • Logical consequences of the way
    Windows converts single-clicks into
  • Implementing
    higher-order clicks

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