Difference between Binding and x:Bind

The following is probably not complete, but some of the major differences are

  • Old style {Binding }

    • binds to the DataContext
    • binds to a Property Name, flexible about the actual source type

  • New style {x:Bind }

    • binds to the Framework element (code-behind class)
    • needs all types fixed at compile time
    • defaults to the more frugal OneTime mode

And starting with build 14393, {x:Bind } supports:

  • direct BooleanToVisibility binding, without a ValueConverter
  • expanded Function binding
  • casting
  • dictionary indexers

The newer {x:Bind } is a little faster at runtime but just as important it will give compiler errors for erroneous bindings. With {Binding } you would just see an empty Control in most cases.

For in-depth comparison checkout: {x:Bind} and {Binding} feature comparison

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