Date ticks and rotation [duplicate]

If you prefer a non-object-oriented approach, move plt.xticks(rotation=70) to right before the two avail_plot calls, eg

avail_plot(axs[0], dates, s1, 'testing', 'green')
avail_plot(axs[1], dates, s1, 'testing2', 'red')

This sets the rotation property before setting up the labels. Since you have two axes here, plt.xticks gets confused after you’ve made the two plots. At the point when plt.xticks doesn’t do anything, plt.gca() does not give you the axes you want to modify, and so plt.xticks, which acts on the current axes, is not going to work.

For an object-oriented approach not using plt.xticks, you can use

plt.setp( axs[1].xaxis.get_majorticklabels(), rotation=70 )

after the two avail_plot calls. This sets the rotation on the correct axes specifically.

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