Cross Origin Resource Sharing with Credentials

Two thoughts:

1) are you also including the “Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true” header? This is needed for passing cookie credentials (and the corresponding XHR client must set .withCredentials = true)

2) Have you tried the suggestion from your link and only include the origin for the current request. For example, if a request comes in with the header “Origin:”, you would respond with “Access-Control-Allow-Origin:”, and not a list of origins. This requires a little more work on your server side implementation.

3) One other thought, you mention that you have a single login form that must be shared by various domains. Well, if it is a standard HTML form, you can do a regular form-post across domains. You don’t need to use CORS. Just set the “action” property of the form to the url you wish to post to. For example:

<form name="login" action="">

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