Close/hide an element when clicking outside of it (but not inside)

  • Assign the desired event listener (like "click") to document or window using EventTarget.addEventListener()
  • Use in combination with Element.closest() as negation ! – in order to check whether the (the element that initiated the Event) – its self or closest ancestor have a specific selector.
  • To control an element visibility create a CSS class that does the necessary styling, and use Element.classlist to add, remove or toggle that class (as needed).
const elPopup = document.querySelector("#popup");

addEventListener("click", (evt) => {
  if (!"#popup")) elPopup.classList.remove("isOpen");
#popup {
  padding: 2rem;
  background: gold;
  display: none; /* Hidden popup by default */

#popup.isOpen {
  display: block;
<div id="popup" class="isOpen">
  Click outside to close me.<br>
  Click inside will do nothing.
  • Never use Event.stopPropagation() unless you really, really know what you’re doing. Your app or third-party code should be always notified about all events happening in their context.

Usage example: Close popup modal on click outside

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