Clearcase Issue [closed]

individual stream for each developer under DV stream

WhoĆ¢t???? This is SPARTA! (err… no: madness: this is madness)

A stream represents a development effort, not a sandbox for a “resource” (i.e. “a developer”). Resources come and go, development tasks stay.
You should have a stream per development line, upon which many developers create their own view.

That way, if you need a parallel development, you only need to create one “brother” stream beside the current one, in order to rebase that bug-fix stream with a baseline from PROD.


By creating PV-JAN, you create a stream dedicated to small evolutions to the baseline created for JAN.
And you do not have to create all those sub-streams per developer, since it would represent far too many deliver/rebase steps.
The 2 or 3 developers who need to fix anything on PV-JAN create their own view on the same stream. They will all participate to the same development effort (fixing bugs for the JAN release of PV)

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