Check if all values in list are greater than a certain number

Use the all() function with a generator expression:

>>> my_list1 = [30, 34, 56]
>>> my_list2 = [29, 500, 43]
>>> all(i >= 30 for i in my_list1)
>>> all(i >= 30 for i in my_list2)

Note that this tests for greater than or equal to 30, otherwise my_list1 would not pass the test either.

If you wanted to do this in a function, you’d use:

def all_30_or_up(ls):
    for i in ls:
        if i < 30:
            return False
    return True

e.g. as soon as you find a value that proves that there is a value below 30, you return False, and return True if you found no evidence to the contrary.

Similarly, you can use the any() function to test if at least 1 value matches the condition.

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