What ways are out there to display a desktop notification from a web app?

Below is a working example of desktop notifications for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, copied from Chrome desktop notification example. Try it live on JSBin. // request permission on page load document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function () { if (Notification.permission !== “granted”) Notification.requestPermission(); }); function notifyMe() { if (!Notification) { alert(‘Desktop notifications not available in your browser. Try … Read more

Performing a Stress Test on Web Application?

Here’s another vote for JMeter. JMeter is an open-source load testing tool, written in Java. It’s capable of testing a number of different server types (for example, web, web services, database, just about anything that uses requests basically). It does however have a steep learning curve once you start getting to complicated tests, but it’s … Read more

Is it possible to secure an application if it is unlikely that the website will have an SSL certificate? [closed]

I ALWAYS use a hashed password with a salt. It is also good to implement some sort of brute force checking to block IPs that attempt more than X failed logins, etc. It’s a system people know. Giving someone a 32 character guid might work better if they could remember it. The problem is people … Read more