Tuning nginx worker_process to obtain 100k hits per min

Config file: worker_processes 4; # 2 * Number of CPUs events { worker_connections 19000; # It’s the key to high performance – have a lot of connections available } worker_rlimit_nofile 20000; # Each connection needs a filehandle (or 2 if you are proxying) # Total amount of users you can serve = worker_processes * worker_connections … Read more

How to set the allowed url length for a nginx request (error code: 414, uri too large)

From: http://nginx.org/r/large_client_header_buffers Syntax: large_client_header_buffers number size ; Default: large_client_header_buffers 4 8k; Context: http, server Sets the maximum number and size of buffers used for reading large client request header. A request line cannot exceed the size of one buffer, or the 414 (Request-URI Too Large) error is returned to the client. A request header field … Read more