Make IE cache the resources but always revalidate

I’ve eventually figured it out. Here is an explanation and a tested solution. The following site confirms my observation: It says that IE does not locally store pages with the ‘no-cache’ directive and hence always sends an unconditional request. There’s also a MS support article – – which confirms this: “Internet Explorer supports … Read more

Failproof Wait for IE to load

Try this one, it helped me to solve similar problem with IE once: Set oIE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.application”) oIE.Visible = True oIE.navigate (“”) Do While oIE.ReadyState = 4: WScript.Sleep 100: Loop Do While oIE.ReadyState <> 4: WScript.Sleep 100: Loop ‘ example ref to DOM MsgBox oIE.Document.GetElementsByTagName(“div”).Length UPD: Drilling down IE events I found that IE_DocumentComplete is … Read more