JSP debugging in IntelliJ IDEA

For JSP debugging in Intellij there are some configurations that must be in order. The fact that Intellij always allows you to add a breakpoint on a JSP line does not necessarily imply that you’ve configured JSP debugging. In the following I refer to Intellij 8 configuration, w.r.t. previous versions you will need to do … Read more

How do I use PDB files

PDB files map an assembly’s MSIL to the original source lines. This means that if you put the PDB that was compiled with the assembly in the same directory as the assembly, your exception stack traces will have the names and lines of the positions in the original source files. Without the PDB file, you … Read more

Android Studio IDE: Break on Exception

To break on all exceptions, caught or uncaught: Open the Breakpoints window via Run -> View Breakpoints. The Breakpoints dialog appears. In the left pane, scroll to the bottom. Select Any exception under Java Exception Breakpoints With Any exception selected, on the right pane, configure as follows: Suspend: checked All: selected Condition: !(this instanceof java.lang.ClassNotFoundException) … Read more

How can I inspect the file system of a failed `docker build`?

Everytime docker successfully executes a RUN command from a Dockerfile, a new layer in the image filesystem is committed. Conveniently you can use those layers ids as images to start a new container. Take the following Dockerfile: FROM busybox RUN echo ‘foo’ > /tmp/foo.txt RUN echo ‘bar’ >> /tmp/foo.txt and build it: $ docker build … Read more

How to go to the previous line in GDB?

Yes! With the new version 7.0 gdb, you can do exactly that! The command would be “reverse-step“, or “reverse-next“. You can get gdb-7.0 from ftp.gnu.org:/pub/gnu/gdb If you run into the error: Target child does not support this command. then try adding target record at the beginning of execution, after starting run. Edit: Since GDB 7.6 … Read more