How do you simulate Mouse Click in C#?

I have combined several sources to produce the code below, which I am currently using. I have also removed the Windows.Forms references so I can use it from console and WPF applications without additional references. using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; public class MouseOperations { [Flags] public enum MouseEventFlags { LeftDown = 0x00000002, LeftUp = 0x00000004, MiddleDown … Read more

String vs. StringBuilder

Yes, the performance difference is significant. See the KB article “How to improve string concatenation performance in Visual C#”. I have always tried to code for clarity first, and then optimize for performance later. That’s much easier than doing it the other way around! However, having seen the enormous performance difference in my applications between … Read more

Need To Create Simple C# Windows App – Looks In Folder and Processes New Files Added [duplicate]

According to this question: FileSystemWatcher vs polling to watch for file changes it is mostly a problem of the InternalBufferSize try to push that value a little up. But there are also some situations, where even that won’t work e.g. network shares. The alternative would be polling as said in the other question, which means … Read more

Use of string as an existing variable in c#

You cannot do it for local variables like this. For member fields you can use reflection; for locals, the simplest approach is to use Dictionary, for example, like this: IDictionary<string,string> vars = new Dictionary<string,string> { {“one”, “find”} , {“two”, “cancel”} }; combobox1.text = vars[“one”];