Calculate largest inscribed rectangle in a rotated rectangle

I just came here looking for the same answer. After shuddering at the thought of so much math involved, I thought I would resort to a semi-educated guess. Doodling a bit I came to the (intuitive and probably not entirely exact) conclusion that the largest rectangle is proportional to the outer resulting rectangle, and its two opposing corners lie at the intersection of the diagonals of the outer rectangle with the longest side of the rotated rectangle. For squares, any of the diagonals and sides would do… I guess I am happy enough with this and will now start brushing the cobwebs off my rusty trig skills (pathetic, I know).

Probably not the best solution, but good enough for what I'm about to do

Minor update… Managed to do some trig calculations. This is for the case when the Height of the image is larger than the Width.

Some trig scribbles

Update. Got the whole thing working. Here is some js code. It is connected to a larger program, and most variables are outside the scope of the functions, and are modified directly from within the functions. I know this is not good, but I am using this in an isolated situation, where there will be no confusion with other scripts: redacted

I took the liberty of cleaning the code and extracting it to a function:

function getCropCoordinates(angleInRadians, imageDimensions) {
    var ang = angleInRadians;
    var img = imageDimensions;

    var quadrant = Math.floor(ang / (Math.PI / 2)) & 3;
    var sign_alpha = (quadrant & 1) === 0 ? ang : Math.PI - ang;
    var alpha = (sign_alpha % Math.PI + Math.PI) % Math.PI;

    var bb = {
        w: img.w * Math.cos(alpha) + img.h * Math.sin(alpha),
        h: img.w * Math.sin(alpha) + img.h * Math.cos(alpha)

    var gamma = img.w < img.h ? Math.atan2(bb.w, bb.h) : Math.atan2(bb.h, bb.w);

    var delta = Math.PI - alpha - gamma;

    var length = img.w < img.h ? img.h : img.w;
    var d = length * Math.cos(alpha);
    var a = d * Math.sin(alpha) / Math.sin(delta);

    var y = a * Math.cos(gamma);
    var x = y * Math.tan(gamma);

    return {
        x: x,
        y: y,
        w: bb.w - 2 * x,
        h: bb.h - 2 * y

I encountered some problems with the gamma-calculation, and modified it to take into account in which direction the original box is the longest.

— Magnus Hoff

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