Auto layout UIScrollView with subviews with dynamic heights

I use pure structure like the following

    -view A
    -view B

Make sure Button(THE LAST view) has a constraint(vertical spacing from its bottom to superview, which is the scrollview), in this case, no matter what changes for your view A and view B would be, scrollView’s height will be changed accordingly.

I reference to this great online book site.

Just read the “Creating a scroll view” section, you should have an idea.

I had the similar problem that I was creating a detail view and using Interface Builder with Auto layout is such a good fit for the task!

Good luck!

(Additional resources:

Stack overflow discussion about the auto layout for scroll view.

iOS 6 has a Release Notes talking about Auto Layout support for UIScrollView.

Free online iOS book explanation about scroll view. This actually helped me a lot!

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