Argument Exception “Item with Same Key has already been added”

This error is fairly self-explanatory. Dictionary keys are unique and you cannot have more than one of the same key. To fix this, you should modify your code like so:

Dictionary<string, string> rct3Features = new Dictionary<string, string>();
Dictionary<string, string> rct4Features = new Dictionary<string, string>();

foreach (string line in rct3Lines) 
    string[] items = line.Split(new String[] { " " }, 2, StringSplitOptions.None);

    if (!rct3Features.ContainsKey(items[0]))
        rct3Features.Add(items[0], items[1]);

    ////To print out the dictionary (to see if it works)
    //foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> item in rct3Features)
    //    Console.WriteLine(item.Key + " " + item.Value);

This simple if statement ensures that you are only attempting to add a new entry to the Dictionary when the Key (items[0]) is not already present.

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