Are single/double quotes allowed inside HTML attribute values?

Yes, both quotes are allowed in attribute values, but you must HTML-escape the quote you’re using as an attribute value delimiter, as well as other HTML-special characters like < and &:

function encodeHTML(s) {
    return s.split('&').join('&amp;').split('<').join('&lt;').split('"').join('&quot;').split("'").join('&#39;');

var html="<label my_attr=""+encodeHTML(attr_value)+'">Text</label>';

However, you are usually much better off not trying to hack a document together from HTML strings. You risk bugs and HTML-injection (leading to cross-site-scripting security holes) every time you forget to escape. Instead, use DOM-style methods like attr(), text() and the construction shortcut:

    $('<label>', {my_attr: attr_value, text: 'Text'})

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