Android SAX parser not getting full text from between tags

As you can see, it’s cutting
everything off the url from the
ampersand escape code and after.

From the documentation of the characters() method:

The Parser will call this method to
report each chunk of character data.
SAX parsers may return all contiguous
character data in a single chunk, or
they may split it into several chunks;
however, all of the characters in any
single event must come from the same
external entity so that the Locator
provides useful information.

When I write SAX parsers, I use a StringBuilder to append everything passed to characters():

public void characters (char ch[], int start, int length) {
    if (buf!=null) {
        for (int i=start; i<start+length; i++) {

Then in endElement(), I take the contents of the StringBuilder and do something with it. That way, if the parser calls characters() several times, I don’t miss anything.

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